My Vacation


My Spring Break was so fun! On Tuesday March 22 I got on a plane to got to San Francisco. In San Francisco I went to Muir Woods and Hike 4.3  miles. After going to a big outlet mall and did a lot of shopping getting a lot of clothing for me.



Subnautic is a game were your ship crashed in a planet the is mostly of ocean. I have a Seamoth( mini sub) and I trying to get resources to get a Cyclops(Big sub) to get most of the subs you need to find fragment scattered in different biomes. The only thing is most of your subs have a certain depth they can go before the start losing health the only way to go more deep you meed the moon pool which can help you upgrade you Seamoth with defense, depth, rocket launcher, etc. The only thing in starting the game is that it lags a lot and it looks like it crashed but it take a long time to load.

Golf Etiquette


Golf has taught me a lot of things throughout my life like patience and honesty. You need patience in golf because you don’t just keep hitting your ball, you have to wait for other people to hit. You also need patience because you have to be calm when you hit the ball not all tense. You need honesty in golf because you can’t lie about your score or lie that your ball it hit a tree and went into the fairway. If you lie and someone catches you, that might get you disqualified and your score doesn’t count.

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy_Fallon_at_deskOver the four day weekend I went to L.A. and went to Universal Studios. When I went onto the Universal Studio tour I got to see the scenes of different movies, I also got to see Jimmy Fallon it was so cool. Also on the tour they had all different things like King Kong 360 3D, Fast and Furious, and some of the different cars that were used.