Golf Etiquette


Golf has taught me a lot of things throughout my life like patience and honesty. You need patience in golf because you don’t just keep hitting your ball, you have to wait for other people to hit. You also need patience because you have to be calm when you hit the ball not all tense. You need honesty in golf because you can’t lie about your score or lie that your ball it hit a tree and went into the fairway. If you lie and someone catches you, that might get you disqualified and your score doesn’t count.

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy_Fallon_at_deskOver the four day weekend I went to L.A. and went to Universal Studios. When I went onto the Universal Studio tour I got to see the scenes of different movies, I also got to see Jimmy Fallon it was so cool. Also on the tour they had all different things like King Kong 360 3D, Fast and Furious, and some of the different cars that were used.


Doctor Who Exterminate


The Daleks are the Doctors number one enemy. The Daleks were made by Daveros. The Daleks weapons are a lazer that looks like a wisk another weapon is a plunger which can sufficate someone. The Daleks language is weird most works they know is exterminate, the doctor, enemy they mostly know only kill words. There a various types of  Daleks like Supreme Dalek.