Free post #2 My New Years

My New Years was with a lot of fireworks. Me and my cousins always combine fireworks together to make a huge explosion. A lot of other times we make a bon fire out of the boxes of fire works and use Morning glories to light it.

At 11:58 on New Years eve many people pop fire works so the only thing you can see smoke everywhere covering the roads. Then we went to a ceremony to get my fortune for this year.



Free post: Car

Cars were a great invention it helps you to go to places in a short amount of time. Cars have evolved over time to no hod to covered then electric cars. There have been many different brands of cars some look the same others are very different.

The only thing is cars take along time to make a car so it’s expensive but maybe the cars in the past were a little cheaper.



Photo Credit: Estrela y via Compfight cc